A Working Mothers Journal

Who am I

Hello! My name is Katy and I am starting this as an output for my writing and maybe I will help some other working mothers out there.

I have three children a wonderful husband a dog and a lizard.

I have a full time job and a part time one!

I am a property manager for my full time job and a REALTOR as my part time job. But the real rewarding work is my family and they consume the rest of my time.

If someone would have told my 21 year old self I would be doing all this one day I would have not believed it but now that I am here I couldn’t imagine a more perfect life then this. I love making my family happy and all the running around.

I am a Pinterest junkie and have a million ideas and DIY I am ready to try when I get the time. I have done some of the ideas I have seen on there and I will blog about those also. Some worked great and others (glow in the dark bubbles?) did not.

I have never “blogged” before but I have always loved writing about things I am passionate about. I wrote for my church newspaper when I was a teenager and loved doing that. So this bog will be about whatever and whenever. If you have a question or would like me to blog about something specific let me know.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog:)