A Working Mothers Journal

In my day to day life, I surround myself with thoughts of a beach. I have palm trees and pictures of beaches throughout my house and office. Why do I do this? It’s not a place I can visit often with three kids a husband and a dog. But it’s my happy place, looking and the pictures […]

This is probably one of the most blogged about things on the internet. Weight loss! How to do it?  How to keep it off? How to find time to work out? What new pill/drug/powder will work to magically melt the pounds away? So why wouldn’t I have this problem too! I am “big boned” It has always […]

  I am happy to write this post as this is a part of my life I have down! Making time for date night has been a priority for both of us since we met and it has continued now 6 years into our marriage. Taking time to go and doing things together creates a stronger bond between […]

Last summer my husband thought it would be a great idea to drop our part time job we do together and become REALTORs! Sounds like fun! So off we went to become the best REALTOR® team ever. I am a property manager at a large apartment building and have been doing this since 2010. My favorite part […]

I recently had a toilet flood in my house and we had to tear out our ceiling in the basement and it affected two bathrooms. Because of the age of our toilets in the house we decided to replace them all so the toilets were new and wouldn’t get clogged as easily. We could have hired this […]

Kids Chores… It’s a never ending problem in my house. I want them all to do chores because then I do not have to do the chores. But with giving them chores I now have to tell them, remind them, remind them again, enforce them, and if they still don’t get done than a punishment must be […]

How do I monetize my blog? Some blog for personal reasons like being able to vent and others blog to make money and sometimes it’s a lot of money. SO much many have quit their jobs and moved to tropical islands! Yes please! I started this blog with the intent of the exact same thing. I want to […]